Memorial Trees

A Crape Myrtle For Dad


Kenneth D. Brown, Inc.  installed a ‘Honor Tree’ at the Company’s location.  This tree is a Crape Myrtle. It is planted in honor of Millie’s Father.  He has Alzheimers and loves Crape Myrtle Trees.  Millie’s parents moved from their big family home to a small apartment as Mrs. Kirwan realized what was ahead of the family when Mr. Kirwan, (we call him Pop) was diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease.  Several years ago at their family home we installed a Crape Myrtle which Pop loved.  He was sad to leave the beautiful Crape Myrtle behind.  Mrs. Kirwan asked that we plant a new one for Pop at our Office in honor of Pop.  The pictures show Jason, our son-in-law, and our Company Foreman along with Brian and Aaron preparing the site for the tree; Pop, and Aaron, and Jason; and Brian and Pop taking a look after the tree was planted.   We hope that Pop will enjoy the blooming of the Crape Myrtle for many years to come, and when we see the tree in its’ full bloom we will all remember Pop and his love of life.




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